Medieval Times


For the first time in the company’s 34-year history, a queen has taken the throne. Her Majesty Doña Maria Isabella presides over a tournament of knights who gather in celebrations to test their skill against one another in a series of games, jousting, and combat. As the festivities begin, trumpeters herald all guests into the Grand Ceremonial Arena where they are seated in one of the six sections corresponding to the colors and kingdom of one of the daring knights. Serfs and Wenches attend to every need as guests enjoy a four-course feast in true medieval, pre-silverware fashion. In the midst of the performance, Doña Maria Isabella presents her stable of beautiful pure Spanish horses and her prized falcon. The pace quickens as the Tournament of Games begins. The valiant Knights on horseback face their competition in games of skills, such as the ring pierce, flag toss, and javelin throw. The experience culminates with the Tournament Royale where guests join in the revelry and fun as they cheer their knight to victory in authentic jousting matches and dangerous sword fights. One knight will bestow the title of Champion and will choose his Queen of Love and Beauty to mark the occasion.

The castle has reopened their doors providing the same excitement you know and love while ensuring the safety of our guests.

Preparing our horses for reopening:

Making Masks for front line workers out of show costume material: