Lumberjack Feud and Adventure Show

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Lumberjack Feud and Adventure Show


ROWDIEST SHOW IN TOWN! The Lumberjack Feud Show electrifies every audience with an authentic, live lumberjack competition between the feuding Dawson and McGraw families, clan daring each other to test fate in over a dozen competitive lumberjack events including axe throwing, chopping, sawing, speed climbing, and log rolling as guests sit comfortably yet grippingly in a 350-seat, climate-controlled, multi-sensory outdoor amphitheater.   Families are not only mesmerized witnessing such athleticism beyond belief but also charmed by the special intermission event just for the kids and families!


There’s no better time to catch high energy athletes fiercely compete in 13 thrilling and fast paced tests of skill and prowess ranging from chopping and axe throwing to tree climbing and log rolling. Paula Deen’s Lumberjack Feud Show features world-class lumberjacks representing the Dawson and McGraw families competing in events such as speed climbing, log rolling, ax throwing, cross cutting and so much more. Become part of the experience and join in cheering, booing, and heckling the Dawson or McGraw lumberjack families! But BE WARNED!!! Too much smack talk and you may end up on the stage shaking in your boots against the professionals! Don’t miss your chance to see these rugged men and women battle to the brink, book your feuding lumberjack experience today!

Lumberjack Adventure Park

Unleash your Lumberjack Alter-Ego – next door at our Lumberjack themed Adventure Park!   Defy Gravity and Live out all your Lumberjack and Jill fancies by safely testing your power skills on our multi-level, high flying obstacle courses equipped with boom runs, log rolling, tree climbing, and 80 foot free falls!

Blastoff!   Soar high on our Flying Ox, the world’s first cable-to-rail zipline roller coaster, a mixture of a roller coaster and a zipline that takes you on a thrilling ride around Lumberjack Square.

Lumberjack Feud and Adventure Show