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Social. Immersive. Challenging. Fun!

The Escape Game is a live 60-minute adventure! Start by picking your theme – from a 1950’s prison to deep space, or even a classic art heist – then team up to follow clues, solve puzzles, and complete your mission in under 60 minutes! Our games provide a unique hands-on experience, designed for families, friends, couples, corporate groups, and anyone else looking for an elevated unplugged adventure!

#1 on TripAdvisor’s Top Escape Rooms
In the USA

From uncovering lost treasure to breaking out of prison – The Escape Game offers a uniquely premium experience. Team up, follow clues and solve puzzles to complete your mission and become the hero of these immersive 60-minute adventures. You might escape… you WILL have fun!

Choose from one of six immersive adventures to play:

  • Prison Break: The merciless warden will be in a meeting for 60 minutes…this is your time to escape!
  • Playground: Your team needs to finish your classroom assignments in time to make it to summer.
  • Gold Rush: You’re on the hunt for hidden gold…but so is the mob. Find it first!
  • The Heist: A priceless piece of art has gone missing. Can you pull off the ultimate art heist and steal it back?
  • Mission: Mars: Your team is stuck on the Red Planet. Repair your spaceship and launch!
  • Special Ops: Mysterious Market: You and your team of agents’ routine check of a local market quickly turns into a matter of world security. Can you save the day?

Frequently Asked Questions

Is it scary?

Nope! Our games are pretty different from what you’d typically see in other escape rooms. We specialize in immersive and exciting entertainment for guests of all ages. You won’t find anything violent, gross, or scary in our adventures.

Am I really locked in?

No, you can easily leave any room at any time! If you need to make a call or get some air, no problem!

Can children play?

Yes! We recommend our games for ages 13 and up, but can accommodate players of all ages. Some game content may be too difficult for players under 13 and an adult, 18 or older, must participate with anyone under 15.