Lake Louisa

Lake Louisa: P3 Lake Louisa provides visitor services at Lake Louisa State Park as the park’s official concessionaire. Kayak, canoe, and bike rentals, guided hiking and paddling tours, guided horseback rides, and event management services are available all year round. Lake Louisa features 17 miles of unpaved trail for hiking, biking, or trail riding, 9 miles of paved road with shoulders maintained specifically for cyclists, 7 lakes, a swimming beach, playground, and several picnic areas with barbecue grills. Because of the elevation changes that Clermont is famous for, the park is home to 11 distinct eco-communities, making Lake Louisa State the closest, most diverse piece of natural Florida to the area’s major attractions.

Paddle Tours: A friendly, experienced, and knowledgeable guide leads the way across Lake Louisa, aka “The Big Lake”. Launching from the swim beach and paddling toward the mouth of Big Creek, stories of Lake Louisa’s cultural, historical, and natural points of significance unfold through the eyes of your guide. From a mysterious plane crash, to the centuries old passageways, the beauty and intrigue of Lake Louisa echoes amongst the ancient bald cypress trees as you float gently beneath their branches. No previous paddling experience needed. Reservations are required. Please check the booking calendar at for availability on your preferred dates.

Guided Horseback Trail Rides: Trail rides at Lake Louisa are safely led by two experienced, and friendly wranglers. Extensive trails cover a variety of natural eco-communities and terrain, where an abundance of wildlife, flora, and fauna are seen from the elevated vantage point of your saddle. Within minutes of leaving the Hitching Post, riders become immersed inChoose from one-hour or two-hour long rides, and prepare to see a side of Florida you didn’t know existed! There is no better way to see the Real Florida than from the back of a horse at Lake Louisa State Park. No previous riding experience is needed. Reservations are required. Please check the booking calendar at www.LakeLouisaStatePark.comfor availability on your preferred dates.