Soaring H2o

Forget about pools and waterslides, Flyboarding is the new water sport! Take a moment to step away from the crowded parks and long waits for attractions. Central Florida has much more to offer than amusement parks. Grab your sun block, put on your bathing suit, and let us take you on a SOARing adventure that will make your day unforgettable!

Hydroflight is an exciting extreme sport that anyone can do! Learn how to steer and maneuver a hydroflight device within minutes. The hardest part is to relax, believe it or not. Once you relax you will notice a world of a difference on how easy the hydroflight device will SOAR you in the air. SOAR 1 foot above the water or up to 40 feet high, you’re in full control of your altitude with hand signals to your hydroflight instructor.

Whether you SOAR high above the water like a super hero, dive like a dolphin or levitate just above the waters, you’re in full control of your SOARing experience!

All equipment including life jackets and helmets will be provided, and is required to SOAR. Your hydroflight instructor will have a GoPro to capture your experience at no additional charge.

Soaring H2o is available 7 days a week, 360 days a year. To ensure every person gets a SOAR, reservations are required and waivers must be signed prior to SOAR.