Revolution Off Road



All available in one fantastic location just minutes away from the major attractions.


Vacations are the time when you can try new things and experiences, at Revolution Off Road, we can offer a chance for the whole family to try something new without breaking the holiday budget.


Whether you want to drive an ATV over our 230 acres, fish for trophy bass on our private lake, drive the buggy around a specially design trail, take one of the Mucky Ducks to splash in the mud and then into the lake or even learn how to shoot an arrow then this has to be the place to check out.


Revolution Off Road is not suitable for the very young for obvious reasons, but certainly a place for the family to experience things together in the safest of environments.


The experience is available 7 days a week 364 days a year. But unlike the major tourist attractions we do not have unlimited availability. We have to restrict our daily numbers to ensure every visitor gets plenty of time and has ample space to enjoy their experience so a reservation is required.


Book today for your adventure of a lifetime away from the theme parks and lines and see what the natural side of Florida looks like.

***Reservations are required, please call our office after purchase to arrange for reservations.